This is a map of traffic stop data collected from the Iowa City Police Department between December 18th, 2016 through January 31st, 2017.

About Heat Map

The heat map overlay on the map above allows you to easily visualuaize the amount of police traffic stops in various areas of Iowa City. The color green indicates a low amount of police traffic stops recorded, and red indicates a higher amount of traffic stops. For example, based on the data, Iowa City Police appear to make the most traffic stops at the intersection of Gilbert and Burlington.

About Map Markers

Toggling the markers will display all the traffic stop data points as markers on the map. They are split by color. Note, however, that some markers will appear on top of each other because multiple stops have occures at a given intersection. A green marker indicates a verbal warning was given, yellow a written warning, red a traffic ticket, and blue will be for everything else. Hover your mouse over the marker to view the detail of the marker.

After initially enabled the markers can be filtered by by offense. Note: When arrests are selected the blue markers will only be arrests, not all others like before.

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